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The Herd of Turtles

May 15, 2018

Emma Ballou is an artist working on the eastern tip of Long Island. Join us in our discussion of how she has gone from working as a museum curator to being a successful full time painter who is using the internet to help her grow her business.
2:06 Emma Ballou’s website
2:18 Emma’s paintings on Instagram
2:20 Emma’s Constellation Glasses on Etsy
3:48 Eastport, New York
4:06 Jackson Pollack
4:20  Emma’s first art show on Long Istand at Ashawagh Hall
4:50  William Merrit Chase and plein air method of painting
7:49 Goucher College. Emma studies History and Studio Art
9:20  Emma’s strong family ties to art and artist
10:00 She starts back into art as a form of therapy to help relieve anxiety.
10:47 Emma decides to become a full-time artist
12:32  Starts her Esty store BallouSky
13:17 Uses her “side-hustle” to develop her skills
15:35. Brent and Emma discuss the confidence needed to become a full time artist and the “30 paintings in 30 days” concept from 30 squared art group.
18:18 Emma talks about the internal process she goes through in picking out what subjects she wants to develop from the plethora of ideas that the process gets started.
19:20 They discuss the importance of not be overly judgmental of own work because art is very subjective and can mean something different to another person.
20:39  How Emma decides what she will charge for her work
25:45  The though process that she used to make a go at becoming a full-time artist when many people who want to do something like this never do it.
27:50  The impact of social media.  How many people look like they are instant successes but in reality there have been many years working at their craft behind their success.
29:00  Brent discusses how Gary Vanerchuk and John Lee Dumas have been inspirations.
31:00. They discuss the difference between the “Dreamer and the Doer” and the struggles the “Dreamer Doer” overcomes to bring the dream to fruition.
32:47. The difference between an art collective and a gallery and why she is part of the North Fork Art Collective
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