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The Herd of Turtles

May 29, 2018

Not many people would be willing to make a wholesale change in careers at age 50, but our guest on the show did just that.  Steve Hochman left the predictable world of being a financial advisor to pursue his love of acting and his goal of becoming a working actor.  He has laid out a plan to achieve that and is working it.
Join us as we discuss what drove him to make the big change and why for him it isn’t considered a risky move. We talk about the process of breaking into a competitive industry as well as the creative process to bring a character to life.  We also talk about the support he has to follow his dreams and what he is willing to give up to reach his goals.
In Steve’s first few weeks of being full time he has already been on a 7 day shoot for Carnival Cruise Lines and has several other opportunities.
3:15 Out of college he starts his career as a stock broker because he loved to help people out
4:25 Talks about what kept him in the financial field for over 10 years.
5:45 Went to Ithaca College majoring in Speech Communication.
7:40 Decides to quit his  corporate job to become an actor and talks about his passion for acting.
8:55 What changes Steve had to make to go from a corporate job to acting.
9:55 His experiences that made him wonder about acting and some of the things that kept him from it pursuing it earlier.
15:15 Learned to focus on the things he can control.
18:15 The process he went through telling people he was transitioning to acting.
23:00 Discusses the business aspect of acting.
24:45 Acting school and talent agents: the process of getting prepared to do the business of acting.
27:13 Working with casting director Lori Wyman at the Organic Actor Workshop.
29:25 His process for auditions.
33.25 Most acting jobs are gotten with short notice so the lifestyle conflicts with corporate needs.  Acting requires a different set of skills and priorities.
35:40 Loves the creative process and the satisfaction it brings.
36:45 Dealing with the inner critic.
38:20 Acting is more about listening than reading lines.
41:15 How the acting workshops work in building an actor.
42:05 The influence that social media has on acting.  Instagramis Steve’s main social media vehicle.
43:50 Meeting at High Cascade Snowboarding Camp
45:20 Loves to do outdoor activities in Florida.
47:20 Limited opportunities for acting in Florida so may have to relocate.  Looking for an agent in the Atlanta area.
49:00 Lots of support from fiancee.
50:40 Defining success and how he celebrates it.
52:50 What advice would he give his younger self.  Don’t judge yourself too harshly and don’t worry so much about what others think.
55:50 What insight has turning 50 given you.  Live life, it just takes longer to recover.
55:18 Steve can be found on Instagram and on IMBD
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