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The Herd of Turtles

Jun 27, 2018

Some people are blessed with the idea that they know exactly what they want to do "when they grow up" from an early age.  Others can take a more indirect route to finding out what they want to do.  Jon Brown is one of the latter and that suits him just fine. Jon owns a residential construction company, JL Acorn, that specializes in energy efficiency.  But Jon didn't know that would be his chosen path.  After attending a trade school and then a 4 year university he tried a number of different jobs.  But it wasn't until he began in the construction field that he found his passion and an occupation that would allow for him to continue to grow and learn, while adding more value to his customers.  Jon's desire to bring value and a systems approach to house construction is what sets him apart from his contemporaries. While Jon has always kept himself busy, he has continued to make sure that he has time to enjoy life.  After college he and a group of friends boarded a bus in Maine, traveled across country to Oregon with their bikes and then began a multi month trip back across the country.  He is the father to a son, but his wife is now just weeks away from giving birth to their second child.  He has enjoyed fatherhood and the responsibility and perspective it has given him to appreciate his own upbringing. If you'd like to connect with Jon to discuss a project, either as a builder if you are located in central Maine, or as a consultant if you are elsewhere you can send him an email at