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The Herd of Turtles

Jul 3, 2018

At one one point or another we have all dreamt of living in a lush tropical paradise with incredible views of the ocean where we can escape from the chaos of our daily lives, but few of us have ever done it.  Well, today’s guest Christine, along with her husband Tom decided to say enough was enough and to leave the rat race and move to the south west coastal rainforest of Costa Rica.
While the idea of leaving the craziness of our fast pace lives behind is alluring, it takes a lot more than just dreaming to make it happen.  We discuss why they moved there from the US, what it is like living as an ex pat, the benefits and sacrifices you have to accept when living in rural Central America, and how they are able to fund their new life through running their own business.
But while living outside of the country has a technical side, such as learning to operate by new sets of laws and learning a new language, there are other things that greatly affect your happiness.  Costa Ricans have a saying “Pura Vida” which translated means Pure Life…but it means much more than that.  Pura Vida is a mindset of enjoying life.  We talk about Christine’s experiences of learning to live in that mindset.  As she says, Costa Rica has helped her become a recovering perfectionist and has allowed her to find more of a balance in life.
If you are listening to this podcast, then there is a part of you that is looking for something else…either a new physical location or a new mindset.  If that is accurate even a tiny of a percentage point, I think you will enjoy Christine’s journey.