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The Herd of Turtles

May 15, 2018

Dan Mendat was literally cruising through life in Northeast Ohio as a truck driver and sailing with his wife on the weekends. When health challenges from driving truck and a family tragedy struck he knew something had to change. During a vacation to Southwest Florida he and his wife took a 4 hour sailing cruise. A chance comment by the skipper of the boat planted the seed of a different life. Dan and his wife Dianne decided to take the jump and left Ohio to pursue a life where they follow their passion for sailing and be the captain of their own life. Join Brent and Dan as we talk with about the journey so far, what life is like running your own small business and the joys of getting to do what you love every day. Episode notes 1:25 Magic Wind 14:00 Building first sail boat from a canoe 15:19 Dan’s first real sail boat a 22’ South Coast Sailboat 21:22 Dan’s second sail boat a 27’ Ericson Sailboat 22:00 2008 The year that changed Dan’s life and reflections on balance in life 24:00 2009 Dan developed health issues and the trip to Florida that changed his life 27:15 Meets Capt Paul West 31:55 Sea Tech Marine Training School 33:20 Buys Capt West business and “jumps in with both feet” 34:18. Follows patters of previous owners while learning the charter business 39:00 First to offer online booking and building his website 42:28 TripAdvisor. #1 of 63 Tours in Fort Myers FL with 400 reviews 45:17 History of Star of Orion a 1999 Hunter 380 Sailboat 47:52 Facebook link to Magic Wind Adventure Sailing 49:00 Is it what you expected? 50:35 What is your day like? 52:00 What are your concerns? 55:05 How do you define success?   Right click and Save As to download this episode to your computer.