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The Herd of Turtles

May 15, 2018

Nathan has taken the long route (in all sense of the term) to being a world class ultra marathon runner who runs his own running stores.  Nathan was always a gifted athlete but like most had gotten busy with life as an executive with Michelin Tire and a husband and father.  He began running as a way to get back into shape and to be able to run a 5k, and that lead to a rediscovering of his passion for running.  He has placed in the top 10 in many ultra marathons including a few first places in his speciality of 100 miles races.  Join me in my discussion of his journey from leaving the corporate world behind to focus on sharing his love of running.
:38 Nathan started his career at Michelin Tire
:44 Nate owns 2 stores in Charlotte NC. The Ultra Running Company a premiere running store. Another way to reach the store is  Learn to Love to Run
2:29 Facebook  link.
4:15 Nate’s transition from the corporate world  to being his own boss
5:50 Brent and Nate discus Nate’s interest in running and the slow progression from high school track to where he is today.
8:45 Runs his first Turkey Trot race with his brother.
9:10 The book that changed his life was Born To Run by Christopher McDougall
12:45 They discuss the impact of reading the book and Nate’s interest in looking for resources that were related to product.
14:20 Nate talks about the importance of the feedback look that is generally missing in most approaches to running and how he wanted to improve upon what is out there for runners.
15:50 He starts to share his knowledge and wanted to find a platform to disseminate it because of the high injury rate for new runners.
16:36 Brent asks Nate if he thinks running is for everyone.  Nate feels that running is the best exercise for burning calories and everyone can run if it is done right.
17:27 The importance of looking at goals and achieving a healthy body.  Not everyone needs to be fast or a long distance runner but everyone could benefit from running.
19:10 His happiest moments are helping people achieve their goals.
20:42 Why he tried the Fat Dog 120 Trail Race near Vancouver  BC. and the difference between competition and completing a race.
24:29 Hell Hole 100 Race in Bethera, SC. ran in under 23 hours and came in 1st place in 2017
25:46 They discuss the many different kinds of races and trails and the different times that each type can produce
26:35 The transition to being a business owner in Charlotte, NC, opening 1st store in Dec 2013 and 2nd in April 2016
27:27 The reasons and thought process for opening the 2nd store:  Having healthy        runners not just runners. Different demographic even though the stores are geographically close.